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What is a reason of hair loss?

Hair fall and hair loss are caused by several reasons. Normally, we divide hair loss diseases into Non-Scarring Alopecia and Scarring Alopecia. Today, we’re talking about hair fall and hair which are caused by genetics and hormones or so called Androgenetic Alopecia. It is considered as a Non-Scarring Alopecia


In 2012, there was a report saying that 73% of Asian people with hair loss is caused by Androgenetic Alopecia. This is the most common reason which is found in both men and women.


The factors of this disease are hormone, genetic and age. The significant sign is that the diameter of hair is getting smaller and smaller (miniaturization) while there’s a receding hairline or hair thinning in the crown for men. You can see the different baldness class below.

The women’s baldness pattern is different from men’s (See the picture below). Normally, hair thinning starts from the top of the head but no hairline receding in women.

What are treatments for hair loss?


    1. Medicinal treatment – lthough, these medicines is available in drug stores but they also have side effects. You should concern on medicine information, restriction and results before usage. Another thing you should know is that once you stop using it, your hair will start to fall again. So, you’re recommended to consult with hair transplant surgeons or dermatologists for further information.
    2. Hair transplantation – The purpose of both methods is to move hair from the occipital area (lower back of the head) to the desired “recipient” area. There are 2 techniques called the FUT and FUE. The surgeon will choose the technique which works best for each patient considering the donor area, scalp laxity, hair density, etc.
    3. Other treatments – For instance, the LLLT or Low Level Laser Therapy which is reported that it could reduce inflammation and stimulate blood circulation. This helps stop hair fall and increase hair diameter.

Now, we have come to the end. If you’re having hair loss problems, don’t worry too much because there’re solutions to fix it. Don’t know where to start? Make an appointment with hair transplant surgeons or dermatologists and ask what they can do for you.

Picture Credit:  American Hair Loss  Association

Prima Tossaborvorn


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