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What is the best hair transplant technique between FUT and FUE?

By : on : 23 February 2018 comments : (0)

Actually, there’s no technique called the best because both techniques have pros and cons.

The FUT is ideal for a mega session requiring a lot of grafts like 3000+ grafts. This technique doesn’t sacrifice the hair density at the donor area. It also reduce time for donor harvesting but leaves a linear scar at the back

The FUE is ideal for smaller session compared to the FUT. The good of this technique is that it just leaves tiny scars at the back which is hardly seen. However, if you get extracted too many grafts, the donor area will look significantly thinner

“So, patients are recommended to have consultations with a board-certified surgeon only to make sure you get the right technique for you.”

If physicians don’t have expertise in both techniques, you might only get one that they’re just get used to it.

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