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Smoking and Hair Transplant

By : on : 15 October 2018 comments : (0)

First, if you’re new to my hair transplant blog and don’t know what the hair transplant surgery is. It would be best if you start reading the hair transplant (click) article first. I have explained in details about how it works and the difference between each technique. Then, let’s move onto Smoking and Hair Transplant topic.

Currently, there is no research to confirm the effect of smoking on transplanted hair. However, it is generally known that smoking reduces blood circulation to the scalp. Poor blood circulation can affect the Graft’s survival rate, making the hair grow slowly or weakly. Patients are suggested to refrain from smoking for two weeks before and another two weeks after hair transplantation.

Smoking is not only affecting the transplanted hair but is very harmful to the general well-being. It is the cause of many diseases, especially Cancer, Emphysema, and much more. Patience will be better off quitting or reducing smoking, for your own good and your loved ones.

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