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Hair Transplant in Bangkok, Thailand
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Hair transplant Thailand cost is cheaper, but which one is the best?


Nowadays, there are a lot of hair transplant clinics. Each of them would claim that they are an expert so today I have some tips of how to select a decent hair transplant clinic following by these factors here:


The result is the most essential factor for you to consider where to go for a hair transplant. The result I’m talking about is not an “immediate result” right after having the procedure done or a “2-week post-operation” but from a 6-month onwards. The reason why I mention this factor repeatedly because the first 2-week result after the hair transplant doesn’t guarantee that “the hair will grow’’. However, these 2-week post-operation photos can tell us about the density, but the density also doesn’t ensure the hair growth either.

Apart from whether the hair will grow or not, we should also consider how natural will the transplanted hair look as well as to see if the hair direction looks natural or if the hairline looks too artificial? These factors shouldn’t be overlooked because, after your hair transplant, you wouldn’t want anyone to pick on you saying you have a wig on, right?

Surgeon’s Experience

This factor is actually aligned with the resulting factor since a great result must have come from experienced doctors. Nevertheless, if you can’t tell from the post-operation photos, the doctor’s experience also helps you to filter. The term of experience refers to “hair transplant experience”. I need to emphasize this because some people claim to have over 10 years of experience, but when checking carefully, it is found that they only have a few days of a hair transplant training but claiming to have 10 years of experience because they started counting from the time of their medical graduation which is considered as cheating. Oh well, but who would advertise themselves as an inexperienced doctor, right?

If you have no idea how to start, starting with seeking an American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS) certified hair transplant specialist is a good start because it’s the one and only place in the world that guarantees experience and skills in hair transplantation.

12-month Review

Patient Reviews

The hearsay from experienced patients is also one of the essential factors for you to consider. However, it will be more beneficial to you in terms of the experience that you will receive from the clinic/place because if it’s a review right after the post-operation that doesn’t indicate the good results just like being said before. Moreover, if you can meet the experienced patient in person for them to share their impressions would be best because then you would get to see the real results with your own eyes.


Nowadays, the pricing for a hair transplant can be very cheap by quoting the price per graft starting from 30THB – 160THB. It varies depending on doctors’ experience, results, as well as tools, equipment, and other offers of each clinic/place. I would recommend you to not only look for a price per graft but how much in total you have to pay and what you get from that final quote. Since there are some clinics where the price per graft is very low but using the trick of estimating too many grafts, then you end up having to pay more than you need to. Other than that, there are hidden costs at some clinics such as operating room fees, equipment expenses, medication etc. and it turns out you have to pay tens of thousands more. On the other hand, at some clinics where patients may feel that the price per graft is costly, but everything is prepared for you, and there is no hidden fees or anything like that, then at the end the price turns out to be very reasonable and not expensive at all.

Additionally, you should ask the clinic clearly what will be prepared for you or whether the results will be guaranteed or not, and what are the conditions you need to know. I am repeating this because I’ve had so many cases of patients who have the procedure done at some other clinics coming to me to get the unimpressive result fixed with us with a broken promise from other clinics which being said the results would be guaranteed, but when the hair isn’t growing as good as promised, the patient would be tricked to pay more again anyway.


Although the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) is currently campaigning about “Black Market” or illegal clinics where the whole hair transplant procedure is performed by technicians excessively. Thailand is also one of many countries that has this issue. However, I’d like to say that in fact there are many expert hair transplant doctors in Thailand and some of them are also famous among foreigners. So I’d like to encourage and wish everyone good luck in finding the right hair transplant surgeon for you and get the desired results.

Prima Tossaborvorn


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