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How to create a natural look for a hair transplant?


It’s already difficult enough to transplant hair and have it grow but to have it thickly grow with a natural look is even more difficult. No one would want to have an artificial look after a hair transplant and have other people picking on you saying you wear a wig right? This is what important about having a natural looking hairline. But what makes a good hairline? I’m going to tell you all about it today.

Look at this hairline in the picture here, this person has never had a hair transplant before, which we can see that the real natural hairline is not exactly straight, but it’s rather irregular. It’s not thick from the front row, but it’s starting thin from the front then becomes thicker and thicker. If we look closely, you will see that the front row hair is a single-hair graft or one-hair graft, which a decent hair transplant procedure should be as natural as possible.

Now, look at this picture of the patient, I fixed what he’d done with another clinic before. You will see that his hair grew very thin, and the front row is a two-hair graft, which makes his hairline looks artificial and not as natural, and eventually, he had to do another procedure to make it thicker.

The last picture is the 6-month progress after having the transplant done at HAIRSMITH CLINIC. You can see what I did was to start thin from the front row by using a single-hair graft, so it won’t look weird and transplanting by following the patient’s hair direction for the most natural look. Now he’s pleased with his new hairline.

All the examples I’ve shown are the main reason why I repeatedly tell the patients to look for the 6-12 months results onwards. So we know whether the hair grows or not or the hair direction is natural or not, and the hairline doesn’t look weird and artificial so you can confidently style your hair as you like.

“To make the hair grow from a hair transplant procedure is a matter of science that can be learned in time. But to transplant hair to look natural depends on the artistic skills of each person which is harder to teach. I recommend seeing enough work from each clinic then asking yourself which one you like most so you won’t be disappointed later.

Prima Tossaborvorn


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