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How ATP is beneficial to a Hair Restoration Procedure?

Some of my patients might have read about the best in class store solution like HypoThermosol already in my previous articles. Today I have the latest update for 2020 to share about what’s new in this year at Hairsmith clinic and if there’s any upgrades in the storage solution and what’s the ATP? 

The ATP stands for Adenosine Triphosphate which is the essential molecule for every cell’s subsistence in the body. It is responsible for providing energy to various metabolic processes at the cellular level or you could say, the ATP is the source of energy for cells.

But how is it beneficial to a hair transplantation? So during the procedure in harvesting process, to put the grafts into the storage solution for the implanting later or even after the implanting, the roots have not healed with the surrounding tissues as well and the blood may therefore not feed the roots of the hair that well yet so it’s causing insufficient nutritional intake

Using ATP in combination with the storage solution helps increase energy to the hair follicles which gives the chances of survival of transplanted hair even higher.

Although we use the best storage solution in the world like HypoThermosol already, that doesn’t stop us from improving. On the other hand, what is scientifically proven to be the best, Hairsmith Clinic is never hesitant to invest and use it for excellent results of our patients.

Prima Tossaborvorn


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