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Temperature Controller for Hair Restoration

During a hair transplant procedure either FUE or FUT technique, when the surgeon finished the harvesting the grafts (hair follicles) from the back of the head, the grafts are stored in a solution to prevent the grafts from drying out before we implant them back on the problem area. There are many different kind of solutions such as normal saline that we’re familiar with which 50% of of hair transplant clinics choose to use it because it’s the cheapest in the market which is only 2 dollars per liter. As for the higher class ones like HypoThermosol which costs around 1,600-1,700 dollars per liter and the ATP that helps to  give more energy to cells costs 5,700-5,800 dollars per liter.


Which of the latter two solutions are very well known to be the most expensive and the best in the hair transplantation industry thus there’s no doubt that of course at Hairsmith clinic, we choose both, HypoThermosol and ATP without hesitation just for reasons of wanting the patient’s results to be the most satisfactory!

You know how one man’s meat is another man’s poison, these solutions are no different. There are certain solutions that have specific temperature requirements for their use. If used incorrectly, it may result in damaging to the hair grafts. At Hairsmith Clinic, we have a temperature control of the solution at 2-8 degrees, which is suitable for the solution we choose. The topic that we are going to discuss today is the temperature control technique.

Most clinics use the grafts trays and put them on ice but the problem is that the temperature is not constant because the ice will keep melting and that fluctuation of the temperature could damage the grafts.

Photo Credit: Bruno Ferreira, MD

At Hairsmith Clinic, we solved this problem by utilizing hair transplant thermostats which designed by Dr.John Cole, one of the world’s leading hair transplant surgeons. The thermostats can keep the temperature constant throughout the operation and also helps reduce the chance of damage to the hair follicles.

Even though it’s a small detail, we never overlook it. Everything is for the outcome of our patients and to demonstrate our commitment to our work.

Prima Tossaborvorn


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