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Is it true that the wounds from DHI technique are smaller than FUE technique?

This is one of the misconceptions that I heard from my patients a few days ago that getting a hair transplant with DHI technique and the wounds would be smaller than from FUE. If anyone has read my article “Common Misconception between DHI and FUE for Hair Transplantation ” before you will know that …

DHI hair transplant technique is in fact an FUE technique which uses the same method of taking the hair out from the Donor Area. Thus the wounds at the back of the head shouldn’t be different. However, what gives the result for the size of the wounds is just how to choose the right punch size.

Our Hybrid Punch

At HAIRSMITH CLINIC, we use the Hybrid Trumpet punch from WAW FUE SYSTEM designed by Dr. Jean Devroye, praised as one of the best punches in the world. This reduces the transaction rate during the harvesting process which is comparable to the ARTAS robot. The punch sizes are from 0.85mm – 1.00mm which considered very small.

We should select the appropriate punch size for each patient’s size of grafts. Too small of a punch doesn’t always mean good because if selecting a punch that is too small to use with bigger hair grafts then it can also cause a damage to the follicles. However, if a selected punch is bigger than hair grafts then it will leave unnecessary big scars as well so I would say there is no fixed rule here.

Providing this kind of misinformation is not only considered as being very unethical but it also confuses patients. This can be very tiring that I have to explain to the patients the whole thing again. To sum this up, if anyone tells you this sort of lie, you should be aware because that means they’re not being honest with you from the start.


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