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How to do a hair fall estimate by yourself?

I have read one of the articles on Reddit the other day and I found that there are many people who have hair fall problem and are overly worried about it which I understand. However, I’d like to tell you that you can’t quick to judge by using your emotion. For instance, as for people who have longer hair and when the hair fall, it will look like it’s a lot more than when you have a short hair or sometime you don’t wash your hair for a few days and when you do, you see the hair fall a lot. This can’t be used to measure either. Let’s get to know more about the hair better first then you can try and estimate your hair fall condition by yourself later. 


In one head, there are around 80-100 hairs per 1 square centimetre which varies depending on race, age, gender or the areas of hair e.g. the back of the neck, the front and the sides which each area has different density. Moreover, by average, there are approximately 100,000 hairs in one head which in 100,000 hairs;


    • About 90% or 90,000 hairs are in the growth phase or so-called Anagen, still growing longer and with darker colour.  
    • About 1% or 100 hairs are in a period of the end of the growth phase or so-called Catagen, the colour is faded.
    • About 10% or 10,000 hairs are the hairs that stopped growing or in the resting phase of the hair follicle (so-called Telogen), waiting to fall out. 


The normal condition for hair loss in Telagon period, the hair will fall not more than 100 hairs a day or if you wash your hair it might be up to 200 hairs a day too. So if you count your hair fall by collecting the hair that fall off anywhere each day and put them in a container continuously at least 1 week. That way you can find out whether your hair fall condition is truly exceeded or you’re just overly worried.


Another method that I also use to check the hair condition called Hair Pull Test, it is to separate around 50 hair then use your fingers to pull the hair from the top to the tips and if the hair fall is more than 10% or more than 5 hairs then it is abnormal. You can also take those hairs to get checked and examined the cause of hair fall. 


If you have tried those methods to check your hair fall condition and found that your condition is quite abnormal then you should see a doctor to get examined and treated properly.

Prima Tossaborvorn


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