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Could women get a hair transplant surgery done?

Although you think that the majority of people who get a hair transplant done are men, in fact, women can also get it done as well.

Have you noticed that women like us often have hair fall all over on the floor? There are many factors that cause hair fall such as hormonal changes after giving birth, menopause, stress, lack of essential nutrients for the hair e.g. protein or vitamin B etc., including the use of various hair styling chemicals as well.


The treatments of hair loss or hair thinning in women divided into 2 cases as detailed below:
  • Case 1 The thinning area is all over the head. So it may not be possible to get a hair transplant done because women don’t have a permanent hair zone like men. Thus I would recommend the alternative treatments like PRP treatment to stimulate the hair follicles to be strong and become thicker, Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), medications orally or topically which can also help the thinning area to become thicker and healthier again.
  • Case 2 There is no hair thinning problem but a wide or big forehead, or you have a receding hairline like most men do. In this case you can get a hair transplant done which helps to build your confidence. It also helps to shape your face to look more feminine with a fully natural looking hairline.
To create a female hairline is different from men’s because it requires more subtlety. When I perform a procedure for women, the hair lines tend to be curved to match the face which makes the face look sweet, not rough. The front row of hair will be single hair, known as the ONE-HAIR GRAFT, to create a hairline and gradually become thicker inside to make the transplanted hair look as natural as possible. Or you can show me the photo of the hairline that you like. It depends on the preferences of each person.

The matter of hair is one of the important things that women care about because it’s a part that enhances our confidence. And I’m more than happy to help everyone with that. You can make an appointment for a free consultation with me. See you!

Prima Tossaborvorn


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