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Could hair growth medication really fix baldness?

Speaking of hair loss or hair thinning condition, when it happens to anyone, that would make us all worried. Whether it happens in men or women, but in women the problem of hair loss or hair thinning is usually more complex than men and the causes can be from a number of reasons. Therefore, it is advisable to consult a medical professional to accurately diagnose the cause and how to treat properly. Most of the hair loss in men is caused by genetics and hormones. Although we know that it is a natural thing, no one would certainly be comfortable with this kind of nature because it greatly reduces our confidence. So today I will talk about one of the treatments for treating hair loss and hair thinning by taking medicine or it’s simply called hair growth medicine.


Usually our hair has a cycle that must fall off naturally. If the hair fall is not more than 100 hair loss each day, it is considered normal and you don’t have to worry. However, if hair fall is more than that, it could be from genetics or hormones. Therefore, let’s get to know the Dihydrotestosterone hormone or it’s called DHT for short. This hormone is the cause of hair loss caused by genetics and hormones. It binds to the receptors at hair follicles and accelerates the cycle of hair, making the hair thinning and falling faster than it should, and finally it’s becoming a hair loss and hair thinning condition. This time, let’s imagine that when the hair follicles are accelerated in the cycle and continue to fall until the last quota of cycle finishes and hair follicles are atrophied then disappear, the hair in that area will never grow again, and eventually, it will be bald.

So what role does hair growth medicine play in this story? Many people may be curious to know if the hair growth medicine works or not. The answer is it depends on each case. For the area that still has hair follicles, the hair growth medicine will block the DHT production and when the amount of DHT decreases, the hair that is thin will become thicker again. The medicine helps to stop hair loss and also makes the hair stay with us longer. This is called the root cause management.


The next question is how long does the medicine have to be taken? And are there any side effects on the body or not? The answer is that you should take the hair growth medicine for as long as you are concerned about hair loss because you must first be understood that according to the natural mechanism our bodies produce DHT every day. Thus, whenever you are not taking the medicine, the DHT hormone still works normally then the hair will start to fall again. But if you get older and you stop worrying about hair loss or hair thinning, you can stop taking the medicine as well.

As for the side effects, well it’s known as medicines, of course, they can be some side effects on the body. One of the common side effects of men is about the sexual impotence but in reality, there is only 2% of people who take the medicine experience side effects in this regard. In terms of the hepatotoxic effect, this is considered very negligible and there have been no reports of hepatotoxicity. However, each person’s health condition is not the same. For your peace of mind and safety, it’s ok to have liver examinations every now and then. Nevertheless, taking medication should be under the guidance and supervision of an experienced doctor. You shouldn’t buy medicines to take them by yourself.

In the case that the hair has fallen into the state of baldness already, taking medicine will no longer help because there are no hair follicles left. So a hair transplantation is another option to help solve this problem. Anyone who has encountered hair loss, hair thinning or baldness problems, and is looking at the treatment options. You’re advised to consult an experienced doctor in order to receive the right information and most suitable advice of what option you should go for. So you’ll get the best result with a safe treatment.

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