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Farewell to Hair Thinning Problem with PRP Treatment.

Having very thin hair can be solved.

The stage of a hair thinning that has not yet reached the bald stage which the hair roots are no longer left. If we find that out sooner, it won’t be too late to make the thin areas that are very thin the scalp can be seen become thicker and stronger again. Because there are still hair roots in the thin areas but the hair is just getting thinner and weaker. If you leave it without doing anything, those small hairs will fall out. And if you still allow the hair to continue to fall until they complete the cycle of hair, the hair in that area won’t ever grow back up and that makes it go into a bald stage.

I have written about how to treat hair loss and hair thinning with hair serum or vitamins including the hair growth medicines e.g. Minoxidil and Finasteride as the doctor diagnoses and recommends. However for some patients when I said that you have to take medicines continuously lifelong to help prevent the natural hair from thinning again, some of them were shocked and discouraged so they don’t want to take any medicines at all. Or with some patients who are very concerned about the medicines’ side effects that might occur, all of these reasons are understandable so today I’d like to introduce another treatment for hair loss / hair thinning to be another alternative for some of you who don’t want to risk having side effects from taking medicines.

PRP TREATMENT, another innovation in the treatment of hair loss / hair thinning

PRP treatment or abbreviated from Platelet Rich Plasma that translates exactly as Platelet-rich plasma, which is composed of plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. The platelets are rich in Growth Factor which helps to restore and repair tissue caused by injury. It also stimulates the formation of blood vessels as well. The PRP is obtained by using the patient’s blood to spin in a centrifuge separating layers and extracting until the PRP is obtained. The PRP is then injected into the scalp where there are hair thinning problems. A good quality and high concentration PRP will depend on the selection of a centrifuge and a specially designed tube in order to be able to easily separate layers, thus the cost is higher than the normal test tubes. And of course, the selection of these devices for each clinic causes an effect on the price that varies from 2,000-13,000 baht per time.

The frequency in getting the PRP treatment for the most effective results for early-starting patients are: Doing it once a month for 3 consecutive months, then once every three months. Which will begin to see significant changes in the 6th to 12th month.


  1.  It takes no more than 1 hour because it is not a surgery therefore there is no wound and no recuperation is required.
  2. There is no risk of allergies or any serious side effects because it is an injection of platelets obtained from the body itself. Unless the patient is allergic to the needle.
  3. It is a very effective option for patients who don’t want to take the medicines at all or want to do PRP to promote better results.


  1. The PRP treatment must be done continuously and regularly as recommended by your doctor because when you stop, the hair will become thin and fall off again according to genetics. Similar to taking medicine.
  2. The price is relatively higher than the medicines treatment.
  3. PRP treatment can’t be done for everyone. Therefore, patients with congenital disease should consult a professional doctor before getting it done.

However, PRP treatment is simply a supplement to the hair, not one of the hair transplant methods as many people misunderstand. Therefore, this method will not help the bald areas but it will help in areas that still have hair roots or the area that hair is getting small that are obvious which the results will depend on each person’s health as well. If you are still wondering how do I know which areas still have hair roots? You can make an appointment to come to see me at Hairsmith clinic. I will examine the hair by using a Dermatoscope so we can have a look together. See you soon!

Prima Tossaborvorn


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