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5 Natural Remedies for Hair Loss

Hair loss problem that no one wants to face

I believe that many people would quite worry about the subject of “hair loss” that we must be facing regularly. Some people even lose their minds because they fear they will be suffering from a serious disease. But don’t be so afraid because today I have some good tips that will help reduce the loss of hair for you to try out.

What is the cause of hair loss?


Usually, our hair density is at 80,000-1,200,000 hair and hair will fall as normal at 30-50 hair per day anyway.Except in case there are other variables that may cause our hair loss more than usual, such as the wrong way of taking care of your hair, hormonal changes, genetics, or it may possibly be signs of various diseases.


without using medication?

Yes, of course. Not every hair loss solution has to end up with taking medicines or a hair transplant. Solving hair loss in the beginning can be done easily by yourself at home with 5 methods as follows:


    • Clean your hair properly

Did you know that most people wash their hair the wrong way all along? Whether it’s washing your hair too often, washing your hair with warm water, or pouring shampoo directly onto the hair, those are all about making the hair weak. The correct way of washing your hair is that we should rinse the hair off with water for at least 15 seconds in order to wash off the oil from the scalp and hair first. Then wash your hair without forgetting to whip the shampoo into bubbles before applying it to your head. Otherwise shampoo will be the factor that will harm our hair and it may be hard to wash the shampoo out completely which will cause the clogging of the hair follicles until the inflammation is there to make the hair fall out. Another thing is while shampooing, you should not scratch very hard, but rather, it is better to gently massage the scalp to stimulate blood circulation. When you’re done washing your hair, gently wipe your hair with a cloth, don’t rub it hard either and you should dry your hair within 5 minutes to avoid the buildup of fungus that can damage your hair.


    • Reduce damaging your hair

Heat straightening, blow drying, as well as coloring your hair on a regular basis, can be very damaging to your hair, resulting in dryness and split ends. Therefore, these things should be avoided, but if you need to do your hair frequently, be sure to use a serum or hair products that protect your hair from the heat every time.


    • Do hair treatment sometimes

Because nourishing your hair with conditioner may not be enough. Doing some hair treatments 1-2 times a week can help strengthen our hair and hair roots, and this can reduce the deficiency as well. You can use treatments that are available at the convenience store or you can use natural herbal formulas such as butterfly pea, aloe vera, egg yolk, olive oil as well.


    • Healthy diet

In addition to nourishing from the outside, the inside is equally important. I’ve written an article on “10 Menus to Nourish Hair to be Strong and Healthy”. It focuses on eating foods rich in protein, iron, zinc, and vitamins, such as eggs, green leafy vegetables, lean red meat, avocado, salmon, etc.


    • Take care of your physical health and get enough rest

The basis for healthy hair comes from a healthy body, right? Exercising regularly at least 3 times a week helps to make the blood circulation system more efficient. It is also equally important to get enough sleep and avoid stress.

If you follow all these steps above but you still have more hair loss, you must go to a specialist to determine the cause and treatment. Hair loss is not an embarrassing matter, the sooner you get the treatment, the more beneficial it will be for yourself.


Prima Tossaborvorn


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