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Is hair transplantation painful?

Is hair transplantation painful? Let’s find out!

Another question that is often asked by many people is whether hair transplantation is painful or not. Hair transplantation, according to the definition of The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), is considered a type of surgery. It is an operation to say that it doesn’t hurt at all is impossible. More specifically, the ISHRS guidelines state that it is forbidden to advertise it as painless surgery. So to say that hair transplantation doesn’t hurt, it’s probably a lie, but how much it hurts and what stage it hurts, let’s talk about it.

At the Hairsmith Clinic, the only step you will feel pain is during the anesthetic injection, which is at the very beginning of the surgery. If you ask how much it hurts, then I would say if you’ve had a Botox injection before, that’s about it so It is sure at a level that is definitely tolerable. We also have a massage team to help relax you while getting anesthesia injection to deflect the pain and relieve tension and anxiety during injections.

Once the anesthetic works, you won’t feel any pain throughout the surgery, including after surgery as well. On the first night, I will give you painkillers, just in case. After the procedure, the numbness may remain, which will take about 1-3 months to gradually feel normal, nothing to worry about.

However, if you are still concerned about the pain from the anesthetic injection, we also have a “special option” available. People who have been fans of Hairsmith Clinic for a long time should know that we can’t be that plain (ha). In 2021, we provide approximately 15 minutes of sedation process between injections so that the patient doesn’t feel pain. And of course, the safety of the patients is the most important. Therefore, the sedation process will be done by an anesthesiologist, especially to make sure that it is safe and worry-free. But this special option will have an additional cost.

How was it? After knowing this additional information, did it help to comfort you a bit more that the hair transplant procedure is not as painful as you thought it would be. Since it’s considered as a minor surgery, it’s why there won’t be that much of a pain. Plus, Hairsmith Clinic has a special option to offer. Anyone who is still worried whether a hair transplant hurts or not, stop stressing.


Prima Tossaborvorn


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