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What are the causes of hair fall after weight loss?

Having a fit body is something many of us would like to have, including myself (ha). It’s why many people are now trying to lose weight.

But why is weight loss one of the causes of hair loss?

It’s because hair also needs enough nutrition that will help increase the strength of the hair roots, especially proteins and vitamins that are all contributing to healthy hair. Therefore, it’s not surprising that hair loss occurs in people who are losing weight through dieting. I believe that this is the first method that most people choose to do because it can be done by oneself and the result is pretty clear to see. However the diet, especially protein which is an essential component of the hair and if our body does not get enough protein, it may result in hair loss more than usual. Thus, you should go for low-fat quality protein sources such as eggs, chicken breasts, chicken fillets, fish, low-fat dairy, including high-protein nuts etc.

In addition to controlling the intake of protein, watching the starches and sugars intake is also a common thing that people do for weight loss. But it’s often followed by not having fruits and vegetables as well because most of the fruits are relatively high in sugar. If you are too strict that you’re not eating fruits and vegetables at all, that may cause the body to lack certain vitamins and minerals such as vitamin E, beta-carotene, zinc and B vitamins, etc. Which contributes to the strength of the hair so the hair doesn’t easily fall off.  Another thing is you exercise too much. Some people want to get skinny quickly so they exercise harder until the body doesn’t have time to rest and that may cause stress to build up which can result in hair loss as well.

Therefore, if you want to lose weight effectively but you don’t want to have a hair loss problem followed by, you should first study how to lose weight thoroughly. Currently there are a variety of safe formulas that don’t ruin your health. However, it is wise to choose a formula that is suitable for each person as well. For the most effective result in losing weight and not harming your health.

But if you think you’ve already chosen the correct way to lose weight but the problem of hair loss is still there. Then you should see a doctor to find out the true cause because the more the treatment can be done in a timely manner, you will also be able to keep your thick hair for as long as possible. 

At HAIRSMITH CLINIC, I take care of every patient myself in accordance with international standards and code of ethics of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). If you’re interested to come in for a free consultation, please call to make an appointment at (+66) 85-836-9994.

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