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What is baldness caused by?


There is a Thai idiom saying, “The bald man is touchy.” which I’m not sure whether is true or not but what I know for sure is that to be bullied by being called bald must hurt pretty bad. Have you ever been curious about what baldness is caused by? I have an answer for you today.

The cause of baldness is usually linked with hair fall and hair thinning problems. I recommend you to read my previous article about WHAT IS A REASON OF HAIR LOSS? so you’ll have a better understanding.

The baldness problem is basically the next episode of hair fall and hair thinning since everyone first has hair and we don’t normally be bald overnight. However, when there is so much hair fall which most of the time is caused by genetics and hormones and that makes your hair thinner. And when it becomes too thin but the hair keeps falling and growing back until it reaches its limit and completes the hair cycle, then the hair won’t grow back again. And that’s the beginning of the baldness condition.

If your concerned area is already bald even if you take medication or apply any medical lotion won’t help because if it’s already bald, there will be no hair root left.

The only treatment option is “a hair transplantation” which is to move the hair from the back of the head to implant on the problem area. It’s a permanent treatment and very effective but it’s also pricey.

You know how it goes now, so I hope you won’t let the hair fall and hair thinning problems become a baldness condition. Because the cost of treatment will be added also. It’s advisable to consult with an experienced doctor as soon as you realise you have these hair problems so that you can get it treated real soon and the cost of treatment will also be a lot cheaper. For the next article, I’ll help to remind you about what are the signs to help you know you have a hair fall problem.

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