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How much does a hair transplant cost?

The cost of a hair transplant at HAIRSMITH CLINIC

Many of you have been asking me how much it would cost to have a hair transplant procedure done with me. So today I’d like to take this opportunity to explain in detail regarding a hair transplant cost at a Hairsmith Clinic and you’ll know that it’s very understandable and not complicated.

At Hairsmith Clinic, the price is 70 baht per graft in 2020 with a minimum of 1,000 grafts required but if less than that then the price per graft is 90 baht which the minimum cost is 49,000 baht.

For example, if a patient needs 1,500 grafts then the cost for a procedure is 1,500 x 70 = 105,000 baht that’s it. This cost includes the whole year care and everything which a patient doesn’t have to pay any more than that, no hidden cost or fee, as I said you “Pay no more”. However, at some other clinics, you might be required to pay 1,000-5,000 baht more a month for medicines but I have already prepared everything for you such as:

  • 12 months’ worth of hair growth medicines (Trust me, no one gives you more than I do.)

  • 1-time of PRP Treatment (12,000 baht)

  • Follow-up every 3 months until 1 year

  • ATP spray to promote healing and a higher survival rate. (One of a holy items)

  • Unlimited use of Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) treatment for the whole year

Besides those mentioned, I also guarantee the result as when you complete a 1 year follow-up, we will also evaluate the result and if there are any transplanted areas that didn’t grow well or didn’t grow at all, I will provide a touch-up session for free. At some other clinics, they might also guarantee the result but when it’s time they might ask you to pay for a doctor fee or an operating room fee etc later but at Hairsmith Clinic, the touch-up session is free with no additional charge as we take it as our full responsible to take care of our patient to the end so you can be reassured that you will be in good hands.

In the case of anyone who’d like to have a hair transplant but you don’t want to shave your hair (Non-shaven) or interested in having a Long hair transplant technique done, we offer those techniques as well. The price is 140 baht per graft e.g. if you need 1,500 grafts for a Non-shaven or Long hair technique, the cost for a procedure is 210,000 baht.

Why doesn’t HAIRSMITH CLINIC offer a buffet price?

Anyone who’s been following my page will probably already know that our clinic’s guideline is to focus on the best certified medical equipments, whether being the 1st clinic in Thailand launching to fully use Implanter Pen or at some clinics they name it as a DHI technique, or even with the selection of the Hybrid punch which is mentioned in the World Congress conference arena since 2017 onwards. Or even being the only clinic in Thailand that is willing to invest in Hypothermosol and ATP, which is known to be the best storage solution in the world (according to the research of Dr Jerry Cooly).

Including the PRP treatment as a standard for hair transplantation at Hairsmith Clinic and with the fact that we hire a highly experienced medical assistant team. Some people are sent to the United States in the course for medical assistants to ensure that the standard of the clinic is equivalent to the international level. All of this is exchanged at a higher cost. If we make it a buffet price, it won’t allow us to be able to invest in all of these best in class tools and equipment including helping to improve our people to be better all the time.

Since the start of the Hairsmith Clinic, we have had a determination to be the best hair restoration clinic in this country by choosing the best things for Thai patients. At a price that is not too cheap, we have to compromise the standards and our own intentions. But it also has to be not too expensive that Thai people can’t afford either. Moreover, if you have done research, you will find that other clinics that have the same standard, such as American board certified doctors that have a lot of reviews, and use the same grade of equipment, etc. will cost  2-4 times more than us.

How was it? There is so much in detail in the article of How much does a hair transplant cost. You can also do a self estimate of your own case at by comparing your condition to these cases in the link so you’ll have an idea of how much it would cost for your own procedure as I’ve written a number of grafts under every case in the link. Or if you’d like to come for a graft measurement at the clinic you can also book an appointment in advance.

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