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Stop the behaviors that cause hair loss

hair loss

When talking about the balding problem, that’s probably hurtful to most men that can relate to this and no one would want the condition to happen to them. Not only hair loss from genetics that a lot of people experience with but there are more factors from your daily routine that cause hair loss condition. What are they? Let’s find that out now.

Cumulative stress

You can say it’s one of the hot factors for working people like us to deal with whether we like it or not. When stressed, the body releases a hormone called Cortisol more than usual, resulting in weaker hair and shorter hair life cycle, it’s also causing more hair loss in the end. This problem can be easily solved by getting rid of our stress in a balanced way. For example, getting enough rest, finding hobbies to relax, discussing stress with someone we trust, and exercising regularly can help as well.

Lose weight through diet

I have talked about this in the article, “WHAT ARE THE CAUSES OF HAIR FALL AFTER WEIGHT LOSS?” before. Being on a diet is another popular way of weight loss, but the problem is that our bodies may lack the nutrients needed for the hair, causing the hair to become unhealthy and eventually fall out.

Using heat frequently on hair

Using the heat on your hair regularly can dry out your hair and scalp, making your hair more fragile and more likely to shed. Although heat doesn’t affect your hair follicle cells, if you do it often, it may be another cause of hair loss and thinning hair.

Dirty scalp

Our scalp has sebaceous glands that produce Sebum out to maintain moisture to the scalp, but if we do not clean well enough, this can cause dandruff and clog your hair follicles and eventually cause hair loss.

Using chemicals on hair regularly

Curling, straightening, and dyeing your hair all require chemicals. Not only will doing these things lead to hair loss, but some people may even be allergic to it and it causes dermatitis.

รีวิวปลูกผม 12 เดือน
What behaviors that cause hair loss that you can avoid, should be avoided. Hair loss in the early stage may be easily treated with medication, PRP TREATMENT or using Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), but if you don’t take care of the hair loss problem soon, the condition will be worsen to the point of baldness and there will be no hair root left. In this case, it must be treated by hair transplantation by moving the hair roots in the permanent area to implant on the problem area. Which is a way to solve the symptoms not the root cause but it gives the most obvious result and the transplanted hair will be with you for good as well.



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