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Postoperative Care for Hair Transplant

How to take care of yourself after hair transplant

I believe that everyone must have studied hair transplant methods and hair transplant procedures already but many of you may still wonder that after hair transplantation, how should you take care of yourself? I’ll tell you about it today.


  • The day after the hair transplant

Most of the time, the doctor will make an appointment with the patient to check the area of the transplant and demonstrate how to wash the hair during the first period of the hair transplant.

In which the method of washing the hair during the 1-14th day of hair transplantation, the patient should wash their hair with room temperature water. If using a shower, use light pressure and gently pour over your head. In the first 2 weeks, I recommend using a gentle shampoo such as baby shampoo. After that, pour the shampoo on the palm and rub to create foam. Then use foam to tap both the transplanted area and the donor area lightly. Don’t rub or scratch the transplanted area, but may gently rub the donor area (back of the head). Then rise it off with clean water gently.

Washing your hair during this period may require extra care to prevent the hair in the transplanted area from falling out. If any hair falls out, there is a chance that the hair in that area will not grow back because the hair roots have not yet been embedded into the scalp. As for drying the hair after washing, you can let the hair dry on its own or use a towel to gently dab to dry the hair. Or you can use a hair dryer with cold air setting on low power.

  • Day 1-14 after hair transplant

During the first 2 weeks, refrain from exercise, or to put it simply is to be careful of the area where the hair is planted. Don’t let it hit anything until your hair comes out. Even wearing a hat that is too tight is not recommended and after a few days of hair surgery, the transplanted area will have scabs. Therefore, don’t remove the scabs during this time.

  • Day 15 onwards

After 2 weeks, the normal shampoos can be resumed to use regularly. I recommend using coconut oil to ferment the scabs and leave it for about 10-15 minutes before shampooing to help soften the scabs and make them easier to remove. During the hair wash, you can scratch and rub the transplanted area now. The activities and exercises can be resumed normally. Except for swimming and sauna that have to wait until the end of 30 days. Various hair styling products can be used and you can get a haircut as well.

During this period there may not be much to be careful of, but you should avoid being in the sun for a long time until the skin is burned. I recommend that you wear a hat when you have to be outdoors for more than 10 minutes. As for straightening, dyeing, or perm, you can do it after 2 months of a hair transplant.

How was it? Not too hard right? If you strictly adhere to the post-treatment care instructions of the clinic, the results will be exactly as expected. For those who have had hair transplants and have additional questions, don’t be afraid to seek help from the clinic. Don’t keep your worries to yourself. Ask an expert so that you will feel at ease.

Prima Tossaborvorn


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