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What causes FUE Hair Transplant to not grow?

What causes FUE Hair Transplant to not grow?

There is a hair transplant clinic that costs only 30,000-40,000 baht but is it different from some clinics that cost hundreds of thousands? Or if you think that doing a hair transplant wherever is the same, let me tell you that it’s so “wrong” to think like that. Spare sometime to read my article because we will talk about this today.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Although I often say that in hair transplantation, if all steps are done correctly, chances of hair growth are as high as 90% or more. However, believe it or not, there are also FUE hair transplants that failed because of the experience and expertise of the service providers and the team of assistants that may not be enough, therefore, there might be errors at certain steps in detail that occurred and the results are not as desired.

Causes of transplanted hair that does not grow

It can occur from both the patient’s side and the provider’s side. If from the patient’s side, this is often a matter of taking care of yourself during the first 2 weeks, such as accidentally picking at scabs, scratching the hair that has just been implanted, or sometimes accidentally hitting the head with some solid objects until bleeding. One of these thing is the main reason why the transplanted hair does not grow.

However, about 90% of the causes why the transplanted hair doesn’t grow is usually from the service provider’s side. Whether it’s taking too long for surgery due to insufficient experience, hair follicles outside of the body for too long, hair follicles damaged during surgery, hair follicles dry out during the outside of the body time, the process of transplanting at a depth is not correct etc., all of which can cause an FUE or FUT hair transplantation to not grow. For this reason, the service provider’s expertise in hair transplantation is very important.

Most importantly, these errors cannot be checked by patients themselves.

To find out whether your transplanted hair will grow or not, you have to wait at least 6-12 months. That’s why I often talk about how to choose a good hair transplant clinic repeatedly that you better check and see the results or reviews from 6-12 months or more because the photos right after the procedure can’t prove that the hair will grow or not.

This article helps explaining the tips in detail. I hope you will understand more now that a hair transplanation cannot be done with just anyone or anywhere at all but you should choose wisely in the first place. Lately, there are a lot more patients who came to have me fixed their previous hair transplantation that failed.

Most of them that experienced bad results are because they did not do research well at the first place. Calm down and take your time to choose where you’d like to get it done because if the transplanted hair doesn’t grow, not just the money that’d be wasted, but your hair would be wasted permanently as well.

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