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7 hairstyle ideas for girls with thin hair to make it look thick with volume

What’s a good hairstyle for women with thin hair?

There is this thai idiom that goes, “Chicken are beautiful because of their feathers. People are beautiful because of their hair.” which is probably true right? (ha) Because hair loss and thinning hair are such problem that really annoys all genders and ages. In the past months, there were a lot of female patients who came for a consultation regarding hair loss and thinning hair with me, as you can, this concerns a lot of women too, not only men.

I understand that the problem of fine hair or thinning hair has a huge effect on the mind and confidence, especially for women. Today, I’d like to share 7 hairstyle ideas for women with thin hair that will help make your hair look thicker and have more volume.

Long permed hairstyles

Thin-haired women who have long hair and have straight hair can flatten their hair and make it look thinner. I recommend light curls to give volume and layers to help camouflage thinning hair and make it look thicker.

Front framing layers

ที่มารูป :

Or if perming may seem too difficult for girls with long straight hair then you might want to try cutting the front framing layers around the front and collarbone area to make it a bit shorter than other areas. This will make the hair look more layered and have more volume than leaving it just straight.

Chin to shoulder-length short hairstyle

If having a long hair is difficult to take care of, try cutting it short. Short hair helps to reduce hair loss and make you look younger. You may not have to cut as short as the earlobe, but about the chin or shoulder is enough and the length of hair is up to the shape of your face or how you like it to be. However, I would recommend to have a layered cut instead of a straight cut so your hair will have more layers and volumes.

Short curly hairstyle

Another idea that helps thin-haired girls to have thicker hair is to cut their hair short and curl the entire head, so the thin and flat looking hair will instantly look fuller from the curls which makes the hair layered.

Bob hairstyle with curls at the bottom of hair

As for any woman who wants to cut her hair short into a bob style but doesn’t want to curl the entire head. I recommend curling just the tips of the hair into curls a little to give the hair some lift and volumes.

Bangs haircut

Short or long hair women with thinning hair problems, you should try cutting bangs. The different types of bangs cut, either side swept bangs or thin bangs, will help add volume to our hair because having a little bit of hair covering on the forehead makes your hair look thick with layers and not flat. Plus, you will get the Korean girl look as well.

Bun hairstyle

ที่มารูป :

Tying your hair into a round shape at the back can help thinning hair to look thicker. This hair style will help to make the hair look puffy and thick. You may tie your hair in a messy hair style, which is to make the hair a bit unstyle and puffy, or tie it in a bun style to help make it look like you have so much hair.

How was it? You’ve got a lot of hairstyle ideas now so try to apply them according to your convenience.

Prima Tossaborvorn


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