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Don’t worry if you’re bald. A hair transplant can fix this.

How many hair transplant techniques are there to fix baldness?

There is this very classic thai drama that one of the main characters is bald and many people often use this character name as a pet name to bully others who are also bald like him. It’s such painful and heartbreaking experience for those who get bullied. However, I’m here to tell you not to worry about it because we can fix baldness pattern with a hair transplant. Before anything, let’s get to know what a hair transplantation is?

There are 2 hair transplant techniques at the present which are FUT and FUE.

FUT  (Follicular Unit Hair Transplant)

This technique is suitable for cases that required a large number of hair follicles (hair grafts), therefore, a surgery will be done by a surgeon removing the skin at the back of the head (donor area) like a strip in order not to lose the density of the hair from that area. This technique will result in a large number of hair follicles and also reduce the time in the process of removing the hair from the back of the head as well. However, this will leave a 20-30 cm long linear scar at the back of the head and if you cut your hair too short then the scar will be visible.

FUE (Follicular Unit  Excision)

This technique is suitable for cases that don’t require more than 3,000-3,500 grafts. Hair transplantation with this technique will have a scar that is smaller than 1 mm spread over the back of the head (donor area). However, the common con is if too much hair is taken out, it will cause loss of hair density in the donor area. However, any techniques which will be used in hair transplantation should be advised by a medical professional only.

Is it painful getting a hair transplant?

Many of you may have seen some advertisements saying that getting hair transplant isn’t painful. In fact when it’s called a surgery, whether it’s big or small, and to say it won’t hurt at all, that must be over exaggerating. However, if any of you have done Botox or filler injections before then it’s the same level of pain which is very bearable.

Hair transplantation is a long-term investment. If you compare to the social opportunities and the confidence that you will gain those back again, therefore, it is a very worthwhile investment for anyone who considers getting this procedure. Here is an article I wrote about “HAIR TRANSPLANT THAILAND COST IS CHEAPER, BUT WHICH ONE IS THE BEST?”

which will definitely be beneficial to help you make a decision. Last but not least, like I always say that having a baldness problem is nothing to be embarrassed about, especially since it can be fixed with a hair transplant. The earlier you get it treated, the better it will be beneficial for you. However, before making a decision to go for it, don’t forget to do your own research from the trustable clinics and medical professors.


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