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Postoperative Care for Hair Transplant

How to take care of yourself after hair transplant I believe that everyone must have studied hair transplant methods and hair transplant procedures already but many of you may still wonder that after hair transplantation, how should you take care of yourself? I’ll tell you about it today.  


ALOPECIA AREATA is treatable.

Understanding Alopecia Areata Many people who sent pictures to consult with me about hair problems. Some people wonder why their hair loss symptoms are different from others, such as patchy hair loss, hairloss in a circle looking like a coin in one spot, or patchy hair loss in many places making the hair thin all […]


Does Minoxidil really help with hair loss problem?

Is it true that Minoxidil help with hair loss? When talking about hair loss / hair fall treatments with medication, apart from Finasteride medicine many of you might have heard of Minoxidil as well, however, if some of you never heard about this one before, that’s ok, let’s get to know it with me in […]


Postpartum hair loss that many mums are worried about

Why do mothers after giving birth have a lot of hair loss? Mothers who are approaching their baby’s due date may be looking forward to getting rid of the belly and weight gain during pregnancy. But there is one thing every mother doesn’t want to lose, which is black and healthy hair during pregnancy which […]


5 things you should know if you don’t want to be a bald woman

How not to become a bald woman Many people understand that the chances of women like us having baldness are much harder than men. Therefore, we may be neglecting to take care of the hair. I want to say that actually the chances of women like us becoming a “bald woman” are as much as […]



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