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Hair Transplant in Bangkok, Thailand
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Is hair transplantation painful?

Is hair transplantation painful? Let’s find out! Another question that is often asked by many people is whether hair transplantation is painful or not. Hair transplantation, according to the definition of The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), is considered a type of surgery. It is an operation to say that it doesn’t hurt […]


Would Vitamins really help with hair thinning or hair loss problem?

Hair loss and hair thinning problems due to vitamin deficiency Eating nutritious food not only helps to keep us healthy, but also helps to strengthen and prevent various diseases that may occur as well. Although we all know that eating the 5 food groups is important, not everyone is able to eat all the nutrients […]


What should you look for when filtering through hair transplant photo reviews?

What should you look for when filtering through hair transplant photo reviews? There are many hair transplant clinics nowadays. I’ve already written tips for choosing where to get a hair transplant and one of the factors that I recommend to consider is to look at the results or reviews of the hair transplant clinic as […]


5 Natural Remedies for Hair Loss

Hair loss problem that no one wants to face I believe that many people would quite worry about the subject of "hair loss" that we must be facing regularly. Some people even lose their minds because they fear they will be suffering from a serious disease. But don't be so afraid because today I have [...]


Farewell to Hair Thinning Problem with PRP Treatment.

Having very thin hair can be solved. The stage of a hair thinning that has not yet reached the bald stage which the hair roots are no longer left. If we find that out sooner, it won’t be too late to make the thin areas that are very thin the scalp can be seen become [...]



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