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7 hairstyle ideas for girls with thin hair to make it look thick with volume

What’s a good hairstyle for women with thin hair? There is this thai idiom that goes, “Chicken are beautiful because of their feathers. People are beautiful because of their hair.” which is probably true right? (ha) Because hair loss and thinning hair are such problem that really annoys all genders and ages. In the past […]


What causes FUE Hair Transplant to not grow?

What causes FUE Hair Transplant to not grow? There is a hair transplant clinic that costs only 30,000-40,000 baht but is it different from some clinics that cost hundreds of thousands? Or if you think that doing a hair transplant wherever is the same, let me tell you that it’s so “wrong” to think like […]


What to do with hair loss problem?

What to do with severe hair loss? Have you ever experienced using one of your hands to lightly brush your hair, but the hair falls out in clumps on your hands? Each time when you wash your hair or blow dry you see a pile of hair loss on the floor so you can’t help […]


Postoperative Care for Hair Transplant

How to take care of yourself after hair transplant I believe that everyone must have studied hair transplant methods and hair transplant procedures already but many of you may still wonder that after hair transplantation, how should you take care of yourself? I’ll tell you about it today.  


ALOPECIA AREATA is treatable.

Understanding Alopecia Areata Many people who sent pictures to consult with me about hair problems. Some people wonder why their hair loss symptoms are different from others, such as patchy hair loss, hairloss in a circle looking like a coin in one spot, or patchy hair loss in many places making the hair thin all […]



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