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Does Hair Growth Cap Really Work?

Laser Cap It is now a hot trend after Xiaomi has released the latest product for sale, which is a laser hair growth cap. Which has received overwhelming attention from people who have hair thinning or balding problems. All of them want to know if it really works and how does the principle of the […]


Stop the behaviors that cause hair loss

hair loss When talking about the balding problem, that’s probably hurtful to most men that can relate to this and no one would want the condition to happen to them. Not only hair loss from genetics that a lot of people experience with but there are more factors from your daily routine that cause hair […]


How much does a hair transplant cost?

The cost of a hair transplant at HAIRSMITH CLINIC Many of you have been asking me how much it would cost to have a hair transplant procedure done with me. So today I’d like to take this opportunity to explain in detail regarding a hair transplant cost at a Hairsmith Clinic and you’ll know that […]


Should a dent on your head be corrected by a hair transplant or a fat injection?

Did you know that a dent on the head in some cases can be corrected by a hair transplant? The following case studies will be a small piece of knowledge for people who have scars or dents on their head and want to get a hair transplant at Hairsmith clinic to hide them. Let’s find […]


Overcoming Hair Thinning Problem From Genetics

Hair loss and hair thinning problems to baldness, there are only a few main causes as I have already mentioned before but 90% of this problem is from genetics. Today, I will tell you the secret tips for overcoming the hair thinning problem from genetics.



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