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What causes dandruff? Solution for the dandruff problem that bothers you

Dandruff problem The problem with hair that is as troubling as much as hair loss or baldness problems is “Dandruff”. Although the occurrence of dandruff is usually not contagious or causes serious disease. But I believe that many people will not like it, if there is dandruff on your shoulders. So today I am going […]


SHOCK LOSS: normal symptom that may occur after hair transplantation

SHOCK LOSS is not as terrifying as you think Hair transplant is considered as one of surgeries or simply said it’s a surgical hair transplant procedure. When it’s being called like this, it makes people who are considering getting a hair transplant done, worried whether it is scary or not or will there be any […]


5 Herbs for Treating Hair Loss

Treating hair loss with thai herbs Even hair fall is a common thing that happens to anyone regarding the hair cycle but there are also many factors that can cause excessive hair loss on a daily basis. It impacts the regeneration of the hair which is not enough that many people are concerned about because […]


Perming, and Dyeing Really Cause Hair Loss?

Another cause of hair loss As fashionable young people when it comes to appearance we have to be no. 1! We need to be up to date with any new trend or fashion and we’re required to always be adaptable for this beauty runway in our society. Same goes for hairstyle trends, right? For those […]


Is hair transplantation painful?

Is hair transplantation painful? Let’s find out! Another question that is often asked by many people is whether hair transplantation is painful or not. Hair transplantation, according to the definition of The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), is considered a type of surgery. It is an operation to say that it doesn’t hurt […]



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