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Hair Transplant in Bangkok, Thailand
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Let’s talk about the punch

Apart from the skill and expertise of the doctor during graft excision, the punch is another factor for transection rate (TX) which is the rate of damaged hair follicles The conventional punch is the ‘sharp’ type that is easy for making incisions but there’s a chance to cause the higher TX if the physician conducts […]


Can you really see the result in just 2 weeks?

The answer is NO because transplanted hair will fall out 2 weeks after surgery. You will look as if you have never had hair transplant before. So, it’s not quit right to say that the result can be seen in just 2 weeks. However, 10-30% of transplanted hair will start growing in the 3rd month […]


Graft extractions should be performed by surgeons only

Although using technicians in hair transplants is internationally acceptable but all critical steps during the procedures should be still performed by surgeons only according to the codes of ethics of ABHRS and ISHRS. One of those steps are graft extractions. It is because donor hair is limited. If graft extractions is done by inexperienced technicians […]


What to expect in the first 3 months?

I am often asked by my patients why transplanted hair doesn’t grow well in the first 3 months. Actually, it is very normal because most transplanted hair will fall out 2 weeks after surgery. Most patients panic when that time comes. But don’t worry. If you look closer, you will see only hair falls out […]


What is the best hair transplant technique between FUT and FUE?

Actually, there’s no technique called the best because both techniques have pros and cons. The FUT is ideal for a mega session requiring a lot of grafts like 3000+ grafts. This technique doesn’t sacrifice the hair density at the donor area. It also reduce time for donor harvesting but leaves a linear scar at the […]



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