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Help! Excessive hair loss!

What to do with excessive hair loss? Hair loss is one of the signs telling us that we might be in trouble and this might be the beginning of the baldness in the future. But hey, don’t be paranoid too soon because actually, hair loss has its own criteria of how much it’s worth worrying […]


How many types of baldness are there?

Get to know the baldness pattern Beauty often has a huge influence on our confidence, including hair. Anyone who has no problem with this regard will not be able to relate to how important the hair is. Hair loss or thinning hair to the point of baldness can occur in both women and men, which […]


6 Facts You Should Know Before Deciding to Do PRP

Know more about PRP Treatment for treating thinning hair Nowadays there are many clinics have started offerring PRP treatment and the price range is from 3,000 – 16,000 baht/session depending on the device and tube used which makes the cost different. Currently, PRP has become one of the most popular treatments for treating thinning hair […]


10 types of food that help to keep hair healthy and strong

What should I do when experiencing a lot of hair loss? Sometimes choosing a product that nourishes your hair may not be enough to keep your hair healthy because having healthy hair that doesn’t break easily requires the dedication of taking care of the hair from within. The best way to treat hair loss is […]


How to treat hair loss and thinning hair

How many ways are there to treat hair loss and thinning hair? Hair loss, or thinning hair is a condition found in both men and women, and no matter who it happens to, it can undermine quite a confidence. And when we have this problem, we definitely need to find a cure. Nowadays, there are […]



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