The graft is a group of hairs. One graft can consist of 1, 2, 3 or 4 hairs. Normally, 50% of grafts is 2-hair graft.

The price is 75-140 baht/graft. It varies with graft count needed for patients’ procedures. The more grafts you need, the cheaper price per graft. Please, consult with our ABHRS-certified surgeon for more info.

  • FUT and FUE techniques, less than 1,000 grafts, priced at 90 Baht per graft.
  • FUT and FUE techniques, minimum of 1,000 grafts and above, priced at 75 Baht per graft.
  • Non-shaven FUE technique, without shaving the hair, priced at 140 Baht per graft.

For the FUE, you will feel a bit pain only when you’re given a local anaesthetic. After that, you won’t feel any pains during and after surgery. For the FUT, you might feel more pain after surgery and it will stay there for many days.

Hair transplants are moving hair follicles from the occipital area to bald or thinning areas. So, it’s your own hair which can get longer like natural hair.

You only need to get shaved at the donor area (occipital). It is about 1 palm size.

Only 1-3 days for recovery is enough. Hair transplants are considered as small surgeries. For the FUE, the wound is smaller than 1mm. It will be completely healed by 3 days. So, you can go to work the next day! In case you go with the FUT, you’re required to get stitches off 10 days after surgery.

Hair transplants are the 12-month projects. Transplanted hair will fall out after 2 weeks and start growing again in the 3rd month. It will fully grow in 12 months or 1 year.

Hair transplantations are considered as small surgeries. A chance of complications is very small. Anyway, you might get redness or pimples in the donor and recipient areas. Also, swelling at the forehead and the eyes can possibly occur. But they will go away in specific times.

At HAIRSMITH CLINIC, we expect to see your hair grow more than 95%.

The first 2 weeks are very important. You should stop doing exercises, smoking, swimming, sauna and wear a hat every time you expose the sunlight for too long. Don’t try to remove scabs or rub transplanted hair. After this period, you can life your life normally except swimming and sauna which you should wait for 1 month.