During the hair transplantation, after follicular unit grafts that have been extracted from the Donor Area (behind the head), the hair follicle will be stored in the solution while waiting to be planted to prevent from desiccation (Dehydration) because letting the hair follicle dry out is often the main problem of hair growth. Normally there are more than 50% of general clinics that usually use saline or saltwater as a solution for storing hair follicle because it’s cheap and easy to find. However, the point is that the saline solution is not designed to preserve the human organs including not to be used to refrigerate the human organ which the hair follicle is considered to be one of them. The only benefit of saline solution is to prevent the hair follicle from drying out.

Of course, there are some patients who respond to the hair procedure very well and have strong hair follicles and with just using saline solution might already help with the hair. However, we all know that each patient responds differently to treatment, thus choosing a good solution will fulfil in these details.

For the reasons mentioned above, the doctor, therefore, chooses to use HyPoThermosol which is a solution for storing hair follicles especially and it has been mostly accepted in the market at the moment because Dr Jerry Cooley had done research to test the effectiveness between HyPoThermosol and Normal Saline (Saline) many years ago by soaking the hair follicles in both types of solutions and leaving it there for 5 days and then using it for planting. The results show that the survival rate of the hair follicles immersed in HypoThermosol is as high as 44%, but the survival rate of the hair follicles in the saline solution is 0% or simply said none at all!

According to this research, that helps us to know how amazing HypoThermosol is and it is the best solution for storing hair follicles in the market and of course the price of normal saline can’t be compared to HypoThermosol which costs a lot more but we are willing to invest for the best results of our patients because we believe that this is the creation of a new standard to another level of hair transplant surgery.