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Hair Transplant in Bangkok, Thailand
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Should a dent on your head be corrected by a hair transplant or a fat injection?

Did you know that a dent on the head in some cases can be corrected by a hair transplant? The following case studies will be a small piece of knowledge for people who have scars or dents on their head and want to get a hair transplant at Hairsmith clinic to hide them. Let’s find […]


Overcoming Hair Thinning Problem From Genetics

Hair loss and hair thinning problems to baldness, there are only a few main causes as I have already mentioned before but 90% of this problem is from genetics. Today, I will tell you the secret tips for overcoming the hair thinning problem from genetics.


What is baldness caused by?

There is a Thai idiom saying, “The bald man is touchy.” which I’m not sure whether is true or not but what I know for sure is that to be bullied by being called bald must hurt pretty bad. Have you ever been curious about what baldness is caused by? I have an answer for […]


What are the causes of hair fall after weight loss?

Having a fit body is something many of us would like to have, including myself (ha). It’s why many people are now trying to lose weight. But why is weight loss one of the causes of hair loss?


Fungal Infection of the Scalp and Hair Loss Problem

Hair loss caused by fungal infection Did you know that fungus on the scalp is also one of the causes of hair loss? The scalp normally regenerates every 28 days, just like the body. But if the scalp sheds too much, it will cause dandruff, and when there is a lot of dandruff, it will […]



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