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Hair Transplant in Bangkok, Thailand

FUT and FUE Hair Transplant Thailand

There are two proven techniques for hair transplant called FUE and FUT. The purpose of both techniques is to move hair from the occipital area (lower back of the head) to the desired “recipient” area. In 8-12 months, the newly transplanted hair will grow fully and naturally. The transplanted hair will continue to grow because occipital hair follicles are not affected by a hormone called DHT, which causes hair loss.


The difference between FUE and FUT

The hair transplants with these two techniques provide the same excellent results. The only difference is how the donor hair follicles are harvested. However, this difference will make the wound, scar, post-op care, and recovery time of each technique different as well. Let’s find out below!


1.) We’ll use the hybrid punch from WAW FUE SYSTEM, which is designed by Dr. jean Devroye, to extract the follicles from the donor area. This punch size is smaller than 1mm.

2.) The extracted follicles will be grouped into the one-hair graft, two-hair graft, or three-hair graft. Then, we will keep them in HypoThermosol, which is the best-in-class storage solution for a hair transplant.

3.) The surgeon will also add ATP, which is the best additive, to the storage solution. This step is to feed the nutrient to the follicle and enhance the best result.

4.) The follicles will be placed onto the desired recipient area using the Implanter Pen instead of the traditional forceps. Using this tool will avoid damaging the follicles during graft handling.

Advantages of FUE

With the experience of Dr. Prima Tossaborvorn, who is certified by an American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS), together with WAW FUE SYSTEM, one of the best FUE punches in the world, the wounds from FUE hair transplants will be smaller than 1mm. These wounds will be invisible if the patient’s hair is longer than 3mm. It is a vital advantage of this technique because it doesn’t leave a linear scar with 15-30cm long at the donor area when compared to the FUT technique.


What is the FUE hair transplant

Graft Excisions

Graft Placements using Implanter Pen

FUT Technique

The only difference between the FUT and FUE is how the surgeon harvests the hair graft from the donor area. The FUT requires removing the scalp in a single strip. Then, this strip will be dissected into grafts under the microscope. The rest of the whole procedure is the same as the FUE.

Advantages of FUT

A hair transplant thailand with FUT allows the surgeon to harvest a higher amount of graft with a shorter time. This technique doesn’t sacrifice the donor density compared to the FUE. What’s more, the FUT doesn’t require shaving the donor area. This technique is recommended to patients who need a mega-session or multi-sessions. However, the FUT will leave a linear scar, with 15-30 cm long, in the donor area. The patient is recommended to grow his/her hair longer than 3cm to hide this scar.

Results from FUE and FUT

The results from hair transplants with these two techniques aren’t different. Two weeks after surgery, the transplanted hair will fall out and enter the Dormant phase. They will start growing by 10-30% in the 4th month. It’s a sign showing that these transplanted hair is entering the Emergent phase. Lastly, they will fully mature in 12-18 months. It is your natural hair that you can cut, dye, or even straighten as you wish.

Please note that before/after photos that are taken a right after surgery doesn’t reflect any good results. It is because the newly transplanted hair will not grow yet, but fall out first according to what we described above. To see the results, you should consider before/after photos that are taken 6-12 months after surgery instead.

What technique is right for me?

According to what we described above, you’ll see that both FUE and FUT have their pros and cons. There’s no absolute ‘best’ technique for everyone, but the right method will depend on each patient. You’re advised to see board-certified hair transplant surgeons for further information.

Hair transplant thailand surgeons, with a code of ethics, will not recommend the only technique they can do. They will recommend the right method for each patient considering the patient’s benefit as a priority.

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