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Hair Transplant in Bangkok, Thailand


Hair transplant in the areas where there is existing hair

By : on : 7 March 2019 comments : (0)

In case of thinning hair, not a complete bald, we have to find out about the cause first. If the effect resulted from hair thinning; medication can help to improve the thickness, there is no need for hair transplantation. In some other cases with low hair density, the operation can be done without affecting the […]


How to do the graft estimate?

By : on : 8 November 2018 comments : (0)

Many patients may have received different graft estimation figures among different clinics, and feeling lost and confused. Here are our suggestions: Ideally, graft estimation should be accurate, not too few and not way too much. An overestimation will be an extra expense to the patient. Including, since hair transplantation has a standardized density, the extra […]


New ‘FUE’ definition

By : on : 15 October 2018 comments : (0)

Most patients knew about the FUE technique, the extraction of individual follicular units – typically from the back of the head. The tricky part is in the name ‘Follicular Unit Extraction’, where the E – stands for ‘Extraction’ makes it sounds like we just simply pulling up a follicular unit. Further confusions are developed after […]


Smoking and Hair Transplant

By : on : 15 October 2018 comments : (0)

First, if you're new to my hair transplant blog and don't know what the hair transplant surgery is. It would be best if you start reading the hair transplant (click) article first. I have explained in details about how it works and the difference between each technique. Then, let's move onto Smoking and Hair Transplant topic. [...]


FAQ about Laser Cap

By : on : 24 September 2018 comments : (0)

Q: What does Laser Cap do? A: Laser Cap help to recover hair transplant wound, reduce redness, and increase blood circulation; so, hair follicle can get more nutrition, resulting in thicker hair diameter. Q: How often do we need to use Laser Cap? A: According to our co-research with Ramathibodi Hospital, 3 – 4 sessions […]



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