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How to Wash Off Scabs after Hair Transplant

By : on : 21 May 2019 comments : (0)

On the second day after surgery, the blood stains on the recipient area will start to harden up and become scabs. During the first 2 weeks, the patient should avoid rubbing, scratching or picking at the transplanted area because the scabs area that we pick at may pull out the newly planted hair follicles too. […]


Do not let freebies fool you!

By : on : 24 September 2018 comments : (0)

Hair transplant is a handicraft surgery and the result is based on the skills and experience of the surgeon. Choosing the right hair transplant clinic, patients should mainly consider their portfolio and testimonials. A successful hair transplant operation should have graft’s survival rate of 90%, and this is the main thing you should look into. […]


What is the graft?

By : on : 24 August 2018 comments : (0)

The people who are interested in hair transplants might understand what the ‘graft’ is. But this specific term could be a question mark for many people who have never known about a kind of this surgery. “The graft we are talking about this a group of hair follicles. It can be one-hair, two-hair, three-hair or […]


Let’s talk about the punch

By : on : 13 August 2018 comments : (0)

Apart from the skill and expertise of the doctor during graft excision, the punch is another factor for transection rate (TX) which is the rate of damaged hair follicles The conventional punch is the ‘sharp’ type that is easy for making incisions but there’s a chance to cause the higher TX if the physician conducts […]


Can you really see the result in just 2 weeks?

By : on : 13 August 2018 comments : (0)

The answer is NO because transplanted hair will fall out 2 weeks after surgery. You will look as if you have never had hair transplant before. So, it’s not quit right to say that the result can be seen in just 2 weeks. However, 10-30% of transplanted hair will start growing in the 3rd month […]



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