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By : on : 24 September 2020 comments : (0)

Many of you might think that it’s such a weird name for a hair disease but as I was talking about it before in my previous article that there are many different kind of hair fall diseases that come from many factors. For the patchy hair loss I am going to talk about, they look […]


How to do a hair fall estimate by yourself?

By : on : 24 September 2020 comments : (0)

I have read one of the articles on Reddit the other day and I found that there are many people who have hair fall problem and are overly worried about it which I understand. However, I’d like to tell you that you can’t quick to judge by using your emotion. For instance, as for people […]


Storage Solution Comparison for Hair Restoration

By : on : 8 September 2020 comments : (0)

In this article I’d like to share DR Jerry Cooley’s research that had been done regarding the effectiveness of the storage solutions by soaking the hair follicles in each type of them and leaving it there for 5 days before using the hair grafts for implanting.


How to create a natural look for a hair transplant?

By : on : 8 July 2020 comments : (0)

  It’s already difficult enough to transplant hair and have it grow but to have it thickly grow with a natural look is even more difficult. No one would want to have an artificial look after a hair transplant and have other people picking on you saying you wear a wig right? This is what […]


Common Misconception between DHI and FUE for Hair Transplant

By : on : 10 October 2019 comments : (0)

For the last few months, many of my foreign patients have asked me about how the DHI technique is better than the FUE technique? This question surprises me because the advertising strategy these days often confuses people and makes them misunderstand so I’d like to take this opportunity to clarify DHI and FUE.



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