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What should you look for when filtering through hair transplant photo reviews?

What should you look for when filtering through hair transplant photo reviews?

There are many hair transplant clinics nowadays. I’ve already written tips for choosing where to get a hair transplant and one of the factors that I recommend to consider is to look at the results or reviews of the hair transplant clinic as much as possible. But there are probably many people who would be wondering how to check at hair transplant reviews to be useful or just seeing that the hair grows in the first 2 weeks is already considered good or not? Today I’m going to give you tips on the correct way to go through hair transplant reviews and see which parts to look at.

    • Choose a clinic that regularly shows the results between 6-18 months

This factor is quite important because there are still many people who misunderstand that looking at the hair transplant reviews of the immediate ones right after the procedure thinking that all the hair that has been transplanted will continue to grow or that the procedure is already successful in hair transplantation. The picture right after the procedure may help to show the density, but the density does not guarantee that the hair will grow as well. Because after 2 weeks, 98% of the transplanted hair  will fall off first and will start to grow back in 3-4 months and during this time, the hair will grow only about 10-15% and it will take around 12 months for it to fully grow. Therefore, you should choose to see results in between the 6 to 18 months, the more the better.

Moreover, it’s even better if the reviews of hair transplant clinics are consistent so that we can see the consistency of the work of the doctors from that hair transplant clinic as well. Actually, this factor doesn’t seem difficult to look at at all because the results of each place already speak itself (ha). However, maybe we forget to notice or we don’t know how to check. This time, let’s take a look because there are some clinics that truly show the reviews of thick hair and sometimes the results are thin ones alternately. Or at some clinics, there are no real results to show that the hair actually grows but the results they show are the ones right after the procedure only, thus I don’t think anyone would want to risk wasting your hair with a place where it doesn’t have a consistent skill, right?

    • Natural results


In addition to the issue of whether the transplanted hair will grow or not, the naturalness also should not be overlooked, especially with the hairline. Transplanting hair to grow to be thick might already be difficult. But transplanting hair to grow and look natural too depends on the artistic skill of each doctor which can’t be taught easily. Therefore, to see if the transplanted hairline is looking natural or not, you should compare it to the natural hairline from people who have never had hair transplants before. Then you can see that the natural hairline is not exactly straight but it is zigzag and irregular and it’s not thick from the first row. The hairline will gradually move the thickness from the front row in which a good hair transplant should be as natural as possible. Thus, a one-hair graft should be used at the front hairline, which will help the hairline look natural and not look as stiff as a wig.

In addition to the hairline, the direction of the hair is an equally important variable for naturalness. In addition to choosing a single hair graft to implant from thin to thick at the front, the transplanted hair must also be implanted following the original hair direction too. Otherwise, if the hair grows against the natural hairline or direction, your hair will look pointy and that would look even weirder. And don’t forget that the transplanted hair that has grown in the wrong direction can’t be corrected except by using a laser to get rid of the hair that has been implanted or it needs to be transplanted on top of the area in order to correct it, which is difficult to do and causes you to waste your hair in vain and you have to spend more money to do so. This is one of the many reasons that I always reiterate that you should go for a hair transplant from a professional doctor. Don’t choose just because it’s cheap.

    • Beware of the review photos that have been PHOTOSHOPPED

This might be a bit difficult if you’re not familiar with photo editing programs like Photoshop. But please note that the quality of the photo must be clear throughout the photo. If any part of the image is not clear, especially at the hairline that has been transplanted, you should assume that the photo may have been edited there. It may be blackened or a tool called a clone stamp may be used.

    • Review photos must be at the same angle.

A simple example is a pre-transplantation photo using a headband that you can clearly see the receding hairline. But in a photo of a post-hair transplantation, they use the hair from the back to cover the front so we can’t really see the new hairline whether it’s grown well or not.

As we can see, the hair transplant clinic in our homeland has sprung up like a convenience store with a difference in price range. But if you read this far, at least I hope that this article will be useful to you and that it helps you to choose a quality hair transplant clinic for yourself more easily.

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