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What causes dandruff? Solution for the dandruff problem that bothers you

Dandruff problem

The problem with hair that is as troubling as much as hair loss or baldness problems is “Dandruff”. Although the occurrence of dandruff is usually not contagious or causes serious disease. But I believe that many people will not like it, if there is dandruff on your shoulders. So today I am going to share some information on problematic dandruff and how to get rid of dandruff easily by yourself.

What is dandruff?

Dandruff is dead skin cells that shed from your scalp. It looks like a white or yellow glossy sheet that’s often stuck on the hair or on our shoulders. Most people with dandruff have an itchy and oily scalp. It most often happened during the winter or with those who work in an air-conditioned room with dry and cool air.

What causes dandruff?

Usually, the human body will create new skin cells and exfoliate old skin cells. But dandruff occurs when the skin regeneration and renewal cycle occurs faster than usual. However, dandruff can also be caused by the lack of moisture in the scalp or being damaged until causing inflammation as well. For example, frequent shampooing, scratching, violent rubbing, washing your hair with warm water on a regular basis. Or even styling your hair using heat and chemicals. Which dandruff from aforementioned activities can be recovered by itself by changing your behavior. Except in the case of chronic dandruff with other symptoms such as swelling, redness, irritation of the scalp. It can be caused by some skin diseases which can be treated by a dermatologist.

What should I do to reduce dandruff by myself…?

As I said above, if it is common dandruff, you can relieve symptoms for the better or it can be cured by yourself which is not difficult.

    • Avoid washing your hair with warm water.

In addition to making our scalp dry and flaking and causing dandruff by warm water, it also stimulates the body to generate more oil in order to maintain the moisture of the scalp. But when there’s too much oil it can cause oily scalp and oily scalp is another cause of dandruff. Moreover, warm water interferes with the natural hair scales. Which makes the hair fragile and difficult to style too and now you’ll have both dandruff and frizzy hair as a combo ..


  • Do not scratch hard when washing your hair

I know for the fact that for some of you, scratching your scalp while washing can be satisfying lol but scratching hard will hurt the scalp directly because, in addition to causing dandruff, you may get a hair loss symptom for free as well.



  • Reduce using the heat

If washing your hair with warm water will cause dandruff. Hair styling or drying your hair with the heat is also the main cause of dandruff. Best way is we should dry your hair with cool air. It may take a bit of time, but it is definitely safe for your hair and scalp.


  • Use hair care products with reducing dandruff formulas

Because shampoo and conditioner with reducing dandruff formulas will help to add moisture to our scalp. When there is enough moisture, dandruff will be reduced and the excess oil that the body created will also be gradually decreased as well.

  • Reduce stress


It may seem impossible but stress is another cause that provokes dandruff or worsening the symptoms. And not just dandruff but stress is also the cause of many other diseases so when you feel stressed, you should find ways to get rid of your stress. It could be working out, looking for a fun movie to watch, or just meditating.

But if all methods have been tried but the symptoms of dandruff have not improved. There is a possibility of chronic dandruff problems or that you might have skin disease. You should consult a medical professional before any subsequent hair loss occurs. What good information will I have next time to share? Stay tuned!

Prima Tossaborvorn


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